Field Hospital

Players: 2-5 | Ages: 12+ | Duration: 60 Minutes

Field Hospital Rulebook

It is war time and the injured need medical attention immediately. Grab the required medical supplies and attend to the patients before they succumb to their wounds. The more severe the situation, the more medical supplies required and therefore, the more prestige you gain. Get ready though. As the medical supplies are limited, you may find your competitive peers grabbing the last batch of bandages or antibiotics before you.

After setting up the hospital wards, a rush of patients arrive in the form of cards. Also, five dice are rolled and added to the common supply cabinet. Each die matches a medical supply type needed to heal the various patients. Players take turns selecting groups of dice from the supply cabinet, equal to six units (pips) of supplies and use them to heal or train for prestige points.

Makes for a great gateway game due to theme and accessibility.


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